About Us

Nyksi was started by a mother-daughter duo from the Holy city of Tirupati, India in March 2016, with a vision to assist people who are very busy in their professional and family life, unable to spare time for shopping. 


From the Founders


Our passion towards Handlooms made us start this exclusive online store which would help our clients to select their choice of the best quality products at a competitive price. We have toured extensively throughout the country (to quote some -Pochampally, Chanderi, Jaipur, Kanchipuram, Banaras, Delhi and many more) and noticed that there are highly skilled professional weavers and artisans across India and their skills have been rarely recognized! We have interacted face to face with the weavers and decided to bring their products to the netizens so as to showcase their skills and provide a connecting platform between the skilled weavers and netizens thereby developing their financial pattern by providing them reasonable value to their products as a social obligation.



It is a well-known fact that Indian Handlooms are recognized and applauded worldwide by one and all!!! Even the most developed countries also praise the rich Indian Culture and Heritage!!!!With a view to provide direct access to the netizens to the inspiring  colors, textures, gorgeous and scintillating designs we have undertaken this task of connecting the netizens and skilled weavers.


We have the pleasure of offering the most attractive, arresting, prepossessing, beguiling and splendid Handicraft fabrics that enriches the beauty and confidence of discerning women. Our team is determined to provide the netizens the outstanding and irresistible experience of buying at Nyksi. Above all, we are confident that the netizens are going to extend their charming and everlasting support, once they get adapted to matchless and peerless prices of Nyksi.


Looking forward to your patronage and we are really grateful for visiting Nyksi!!!!!




Nyksi Team